Post Date May 20, 2016
Duration 16:09
Genre Vlog
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Jesse and Uncle Larry examine the remains of the "Wingless Eagle".
— Description
UNSALVAGABLE! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 20, 2016.


Jesse, Corn, and Larry decide to go to the remains of the RV at the Stahlberger Residence.

When Larry sees the extent of the damage, he is shocked and angered over what had happened. Jesse tries to offer a solution to almost everything, including the ruined exterior and broken parts. Larry replies that it is going to take money that he doesn't have. Jesse tries to compare the RV destruction to his home life, but Larry scolds him, saying that what happened to the RV is worse than that.

Jesse then tells Larry about his visit to Theresa, in which Larry says that Jesse should stand up for himself, because all Jeffrey Sr. is going to do is make his life miserable.

After Larry decides that they can't do nothing to the RV until he finds a way to move it, Jesse gives him back the keys to Larry, only to be tossed away as Larry says it's pointless to have at this point. Around this point, Larry begins to tell Jesse of his botched plans to "move out" and how all the plans have taken them back to "square one".

As Larry is walking to his car to leave, Jesse tells him that Jeffrey Sr. is forbidding him from seeing Larry again. Larry (angrily), however, refuses to accept that and wants Jesse to make his decisions, not his father's. Larry leaves, then Jesse ends the vlog, saying how he is just tired of how everyone is pissed.



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