Post Date July 16, 2015
Duration 11:05
Genre Vlog
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ULTIMATE MCJUGGERNUGGETS CARNAGE is an episode of the BigBrudda Series, uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on July 16, 2015.


Jeffrey Jr. starts the video by claiming that he came home from work and saw the apology video and thought it was a "bullshit" apology. Jeffrey Jr. then angrily rejects the apology and he says that he's going to destroy Larry's sign and Jesse's couch with his "Toys of Destruction". Jeffrey Jr. says that he's excluding the chainsaw because it wasn't sharpened the last time he used it.

Jeffrey Jr. then began the carnage by breaking Larry's sign, destroying Jesse's couch, setting both the couch and sign on fire and even at one point, shoveled dog feces onto the couch and sign.


The events of ULTIMATE MCJUGGERNUGGETS CARNAGE were referenced in Psycho Dad Launches Wii.


The episode received mixed to negative reviews. The likes on the video are 39,777 while dislikes have 33,572 dislikes. Some fans approved of Jeffrey Jr's actions while a majority did not approve of his actions.


Victim Destructor Method of Destruction Victim's final result
"Larry's Lounge" sign Jeffrey Jr. Bashed with an axe, egg thrown at it, shot with a paintball gun, dog poop placed on it, gasoline poured on it and burned. Destroyed
Jesse's couch Jeffrey Jr. Eggs thrown at it, bashed with a piece of wood, stabbed repeatedly with a hedge trimmer and katana, milk poured on it, shot with a paintball gun, bashed repeatedly with a axe, shot several times with arrows, and gasoline poured on it and burned. Destroyed
Several of Jeffrey Jr.'s archery arrows Jeffrey Jr. Used to be fired at the couch, and eventually caught fire while Jesse's couch was burning. Destroyed, presumably later replaced.


  • While Uncle Larry is absolutely furious about the destruction of his sign, Jesse is actually glad Jeffrey Jr. destroyed his couch, as it was a hand-me-down from his parents and he really hated it.
  • In the reaction video posted on the McJuggerNuggets channel, neither Jesse nor Uncle Larry could comprehend Jeffrey Jr.'s use of a wooden stick, and also said he was too predictable in his tool use and destruction methods.
  • Jesse was actually pretty amused at the dog poop moment while Uncle Larry wasn't since the poop landed mostly on what was left of his sign.
  • ULTIMATE MCJUGGERNUGGETS CARNAGE has a few similarities to MCJUGGERNUGGETS HALO HELMET DESTRUCTION!. Both videos included fire, tripod GoPro cameras, arrows, an amused Jeffrey Jr. and reaction videos on the McJuggerNuggets channel afterwards.