• "Stop air-blasting me, STOP!"
  • "Hit that sub button."
  • "Gaming is who we are, it's what we do."
  • "Watch out for raccoons, and all that."
  • "You did good, hitting that button."
  • "All's fair in love and smash."
  • "He's old! (whispering to the viewers about Uncle Larry)"
  • "The showboat has sailed; let's continue." (Chillin & Grillin - Chicken Wings)
  • "You shouldn't drink and drive!"
  • "(singing) what do we get, a COPYRIGHT!"
  • "You want mac' and cheese you are getting your own."
  • "(Referring To Mac and Cheese) "One for now and one for Friday because it's Friday"."
  • "Oh that's gay."
  • "Aw crap"
  • "You know, only if I get the compensation."
  • "(at his cousin Jesse) Shut up! Just shut up!"
  • "I'm not gonna be silenced anymore!"
  • "(Kicking Jesse out of the Abraham Household) He's my father, I'm his son. Not you! So you know what would be best? If you just leave!"
  • You know, Jess. I used to look up to you. Now, I don't even want to look at you. Now do us all a favor and don't come back!

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