Thrilled to be Home
Post Date September 7, 2015
Duration 5:13
Genre Vlog
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"I went down the shore for the weekend and come home to this bullshit."

Thrilled to be Home is an episode of the BigBrudda Series uploaded on September 7th 2015.


Jeffrey Jr. starts off the video in his room and tells the audience about the events of the previous night which made him feel sore. Jeffrey shows the viewers that his batman statue is missing and Jesse won't admit he stole it. Jeffrey wants to let it go for now because of his plan but he suddenly hears a knock on his window and sees Jesse outside with the statue and a camera in hand. Jesse mocks Jeffrey and demands to know what Jeffrey's plan is. Jeffrey refuses and runs outside to get it from Jesse. Jeffrey chases Jesse around the house and ends up locked outside. He goes back inside through the other door and returns to his room.