• "Don't do that! You've made him upset."
  • "That's not going to teach him anything!"
  • "What the hell is wrong with you?! What have you done?"
  • "You taught him how to play video games!"
  • "You don't know how pissed I am right now!"
  • "I'm sorry, Jesse!"
  • "You can't teach non-violence with violence!"
  • "JT! Oh my god!" (referencing the fog machine incident)
  • "What are you doing?! Stop it!"
  • "Jesse, you lied to me!"
  • "You lied! You lied! I can't help you right now, I'm sorry."
  • "You're not teaching him anything! What do you mean he's gotta learn?"
  • "I brought him that Wii U with my money!"
  • "You're an idiot! Why would you do that?! That doesn't make any sense!"
  • "I want a divorce! I want a divorce...."
  • "He makes me sick! I can't even look at him anymore!" (said to Jeff Sr. In Psycho Mom Divorces Husband)
  • "You're a psychopath! I can't deal with you anymore!" (said to Jeff Sr. in Psycho Mom Divorces Husband)
  • "I love you Jesse....(stammers).... I just can't, I'm sorry (Her last words when she leaves the Ridgway Residence)
  • (Blowing her nose)
  • "GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE HOUSE!!" (after she witnesses Psycho Dad throw Aunt Melissa into the Christmas Tree)
  • "He told your brother to instigate" (said during SCARED STRAIGHT!)
  • "You're the best part of me Jesse" (said in A SLAP IN THE FACE!)
  • "Can I have a hug?"
  • "Can't you find another place to stay?" (said in THE FALLOUT (PART 2))
  • "The next person he talks to will be my lawyer, because I'VE HAD IT! I HAVE REALLY HAD IT! (said in AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD!)
  • "This needs to stop. You need to stop and you need to leave."(said in AUNT MELISSA FIGHTS PSYCHO DAD!)
  • "You need to just stop. It's like you're stalking me or something."(said in THE FALLOUT [PART 1])
  • "Oh no. No no no no. Don't you compare me to your father."
  • "You know what, don't even go there, okay? Don't start picking on how I raise my boys, okay?"
  • "I am not a 12-year-old, Melissa, WILL YOU JUST STOP?!?"

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