The Sh*t Magician
The Sht Magician
Post Date May 17, 2015
Duration 6:29
Genre Skit
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"A few friends are bored and decide to try and entertain each other with magic."

The Sh*t Magician is a skit uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel on May 17, 2015.


Jeffrey and his friends are bored. He suggests to one of his friends that he should do some of his magic tricks. He starts to wiggle his pen, showing the illusion that it's rubber. While Jeff is enjoying the trick, his other friends is not amused.

Determined to get his friend out of boredom, he appears to find a bottle cap behind his ear. The friend is still not amused and knows he grabbed the cap from the table. Completely done trying to cheer up his friend, he proceeds to play "Peak-A-Boo" with Jeff, giving the illusion that he disappeared.

The other friend has had enough of the magic tricks, and begins to insult his tricks. He, therefore, decides to show a magic trick himself: Pretending he ripped his thumb away. Jeff and his friend aren't entertained at all.

Jeffrey then does a trick himself, appearing to be taking a poop. Once the "trick" is done, his still un-amused friend thinks he took a dump in his pants. Jeff asks what time it is, and his friend checks his phone. When his hand emerges, it is covered in feces. Jeff then pulls a piece out of his other friend's ear, and is clearly entertained.