Post Date April 29th, 2016
Duration 25:54
Genre Vlog
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Psycho Dad Demolishes Gaming Room
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"Jesse and Corn struggle to setup the stream for the PS4 giveaway."

TROUBLESHOOTERS! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 29th, 2016.


The video opens with Jesse filming himself bringing a long Ethernet cable into his gaming room in preparation for the stream. He shows around the room and explains the plan for getting everything set up, while excitedly talking about the giveaway and streaming. Corn shows up and Jesse then lays out the plan for him, getting him hyped up as well. Jesse goes to test out the stream, but runs into a problem with the streaming software. After a quick search, he finds out that he must change a setting for the PS4 in order for the streaming to work correctly. They rejoice at the problem being fixed, but the new problem arises: They must figure out how to connect the Ethernet cable all the way from Jesse's room the the gaming room in the Morton building. Jesse first thinks of just routing it through the back door, but finds that Jeffery Sr. is there and speculates that he could question them and prevent them from carrying out their plan. Jesse and Corn decide that they will do it through Jesse's window, but Jesse still must walk through the house to be able to do that. He goes inside and gets stopped by Jeffery Sr., who questions him about his job, scolding him about taking so many days off work. Corn is filming this through the back window. After Jesse escapes from the argument with Jeffery Sr., he goes into his room as Corn goes around the house to meet him. Jesse opens up his window to talk to Corn, and Corn explains that the cables will not reach. This leads them to take a trip to Walmart to pick up another Ethernet cable, this time 50 ft long. They get back to the house, get the cable plugged in, and test out the stream to see if it works. Jesse and Corn go live and resolve a couple of quick troubleshooting issues pertaining to an echo in audio and the game audio not making it to the stream. Jesse closes off the vlog after being content with his results, and invites everyone to the stream the next day.