Post Date March 13, 2016
Duration 18:30
Genre Psycho Update
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Jesse deals with the aftermath of having his Wii U collection destroyed and struggles with the idea of having to get a job.
— Description

TO THE HEAVENS *PSYCHO UPDATE* is a Psycho Update for Psycho Dad Woodchips Wii U, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on March 13, 2016.


The video begins with Jesse screaming and running to the woods. Corn (not wanting to get too close) zooms to Jesse where he is seen telling God why his dad keeps on destroying his belongings and why his brother could've suffered.

Jesse then goes and looks at the damage the woodchipper have done. There were shreds of peices from the games, gamepad and the disbody Wii U. Jesse then wipes the rain marks off the PS4 since it was raining.

Jesse then puts the PS4 back in the gaming lair before going back in the house telling his brother what happen.

Jeffery Jr. was very sad at Jesse and said that he promised that he will try and get him another Wii U. And the video ends with Jesse in his room.


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