Post Date April 1, 2016
Duration 27:04
Genre Vlog
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"After receiving an extra week to find a job from his dad, Jesse finds a new opportunity at a Paintball Factory"

THE WAREHOUSE WORKER! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 1, 2016.


The video starts with Jesse trying to mimic a deer and saying the usual introduction. Jesse tells that after the events of PSYCHO DAD'S DEADLINE!, Jeffrey Jr. talked to him and said they might have a open job for him at Valken.

Jesse goes there and meets Paul who introduces him to the warehouse. The three enter in the warehouse, where Jesse meets the boss in charge, Andy. Jesse asks if he has a job available for him, and Andy reveals that he indeed does as he brings him to an employee named Will, who's in charge of packaging the paintballs. Jesse's assigned to pick up paintballs from a container with a cup and drop them into a hopper. After the hopper is filled, Jesse pushes a plate with the cylindrical cup so that the paint balls can drop from the hopper to the cup counting one hundred of them. Despite the fact that Will says it's one of the easiest jobs they have, Jesse (obviously) struggles in the process, as he tends to drop the paintballs numerous times.

When Jesse had enough, he asked Andy if there was something else he could work on. There was indeed, which was to wrapping up packages. Andy shows Jesse how to operate a fork-lift and how to wrap a package with a wrapping machine. Much to his disappointment, Jesse doesn't get to drive the fork-lift as Andy was hesitant on letting him use it, but regardless, he begins to wrap a package using the wrapping machine and manages to do well.

After that, while he's wandering around, he is told to put a box with lubricant on the "aisle C" but rather than doing so, he decides to leave it on the floor and rushes off, since he has no idea where to even put it.

The video ends with Jesse covering himself with a canvas.