Post Date April 7, 2015
Duration 9:12
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Jesse makes a supply run to Walmart so he can survive in Eagle's Landing.
— Description

THE SUPPLY RUN! is the ninth episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 7, 2015.


The video opens with Jesse in his car on his way to Walmart, unsure about if you can film and drive. He plans to get a TV, Xbox, toiletries and toilet paper. Jesse then attempts to drive at the same time as filming, but feels uneasy.

It cuts to Jesse at Walmart, who jokes that it's called Walmart because it's got walls and is a mart. Jesse mentions that since he forgot his glasses, he is struggling to tell what some things are from a distance, looking at toothpaste, but decides not to get them. He picks up some deodorant and jokes about getting Jeffrey Sr. a grill. Jesse finds the tents and toilet seats, suggesting digging a hole and putting a toilet seat over it to simulate the "shitting experience". He gets some shampoo, having an idea of how he's going to wash his hair. Jesse goes into the camping aisle, commenting on a machete and picking up some bug repellent. He goes over to the electronics, finding the Xbox on display. Jesse then sees someone waving to him, presuming him to watch his videos. Jesse picks up a new phone charged to replace his damaged one and looks at the TVs, picking up a 24" LED TV. Jesse looks at the diapers, suggesting using them instead of doing it outside. Jesse picks up some water, calling it a legitimate necessity. He then looks at the almond butter, deciding on whether to go creamy or crunchy, deciding on "creaky". Jesse has picked up some snacks and is ready to check out, picking up some flush able wipes to use as toilet paper.

The video cuts to Jesse leaving Walmart, seeing that it's raining as he rushes to his car, saying that he's going to go to Gamestop and get an Xbox.


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