Post Date April 1, 2016
Duration 14:59
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse continues to work at the paintball warehouse and runs into a few snags."

THE PAINTBALLER! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 1, 2016.


The video begins with Jesse trying to figure out how to clean up the mess he made in THE WAREHOUSE WORKER! Paul and Will then come by to Jesse and offer him to test out one of their paintball guns to see if it works properly. Jesse tests it out, and finds out that it works very well. He then gives them the paintball gun, then rushes off to see the shots he made.

The two then prank Jesse by shooting blanks at him, much to Jesse's surprise. Jesse returns back in and decides to take a break. Before that, however, Paul questions Jesse on the box he left on the ground in the previous video. Jesse attempts to lie, saying that Andy must have left it there, however, Paul replies to him that Andy knows where everything goes. Jesse gives up and then admits that he put it there, because he had no idea where to put it. Jesse and Corn go to the vending machine and grab some snacks and drinks.

After a cut, Jesse and Corn are then seen hiding somewhere in the warehouse, enjoying their snacks and drinks. Before they could finish, Paul catches them and tells him to get out. He asks Jesse why he was behind there to begin with, with Jesse saying that he was taking a break. Paul says that he's only been working on the first day, and that already he's taking a break. Paul then tells him that if he wanted to take a break, he could have just asked him as they have break room nearby.

Paul then tells Jesse to pick up his stuff and leave, saying that this is not going to work out, if he's just going to camp in somewhere, rather than working. Angered and stressed a bit, he knocks down some cardboard on the floor, as well as some of his garbage, much to Paul's response that he will pick that up later. Before he leaves, Jesse goes to the vending machine to pick up a few more snacks, much to Paul's annoyance. Eventually, Paul escorts the two outside the building. Before Jesse leaves, he leaves one of his snacks nearby then attempts to take the Ms. Pac Man statue away.