Post Date November 13th, 2015
Duration 20:15
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse, Corn and Jesse's Mom continue their campaign on "The Last of Us" only to get brutally interrupted."

THE LAST OF US! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 13th, 2015. 


The video starts with Jesse and Corn explaining that Jeffrey Jr. is still in the bathroom after their prank. Jesse start to express some regret, seeing as he knows Jeffrey Jr. will strike back much harder. Jesse tries not to think about it, and goes to the living room to ask to play The Last Of Us with Theresa. She agrees, and the trio head out to the Morton Building.

On their way, they find Luna wandering outside, who decides to follow them into Jesse's room. Jesse starts up the PlayStation 4, and him and Theresa start playing.

After playing for about 20 minutes, Jeffrey Sr. is heard yelling outside. He storms into the room and expresses dismay for having Luna in the room, saying he was searching for her since there was no note or anybody in the area. He tells Jesse that it's a big deal. Theresa starts arguing back, claiming that Jeffrey Sr. was nowhere to be found. Jeffrey Sr. then orders Theresa to get back in the house, since it's late at night. Theresa, now visibly angry at Jeffrey Sr., starts shouting back at him, causing him to unplug the PlayStation 4, much to Jesse and Theresa's annoyance. Jeffrey Sr. orders Theresa to back in the house, and walks away with Luna.

Theresa decides to stay, and Jesse finds out that Jeffrey Sr. only unplugged the HDMI cable, so the Playstation 4 is actually still on. The video ends as Theresa continues gaming.


THE LAST OF US! was filmed by Jesse (Start - 8:50) and Corn (8:50 - End)