Post Date April 23, 2015
Duration 12:18
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Jesse sets up the second tent and scavenges for different items for "thrival".
— Description

THE JUGGIES LOUNGE! is the forty-first episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 23, 2015.


Jesse opens up the vlog in Tom Abraham's bedroom, about to play Smash. The camera cuts until after they are done playing, and Jesse assesses the Phoenix Landing, neighboring the basketball court. He figures out where Uncle Larry left the second tent and plans to place it on the patio, calling it "The Juggies Lounge".

Later, Jesse takes a break from setting up the second tent. He rummages through Uncle Larry's kitchen to have a "snack". After his break, he looks up at the sky and notices it might rain, which would delay setting up "The Juggies Lounge". Jesse continues struggling with the tent, and ultimately decides to wait for Uncle Larry to arrive home. When Uncle Larry does show up, Jesse pretends to be working on the tent. Larry decides to help Jesse with the tent after realizing he had the poles mixed up.

The camera cuts, showing the new Juggies Lounge tent up and running. Larry even mentions the second tent is like a "house" compared to Phoenix Landing. Jesse walks to the RV, exclaiming that he "has yet to see who lives in it". He explores compartments of the RV, where he finds a camping chair plus an air mattress which he decides to take with him. Jesse discovers a power outlet at the basketball court, thus eliminating the need to charge his phone inside the Abraham Household.

Meanwhile, Jesse remembers how Larry has a space heater inside the house, tempting him to sneak in. He immediately finds it in the living room right by the television. The camera cuts once again, as Jesse successfully hooks up the space heater to the exterior outlet via extension cord. After heating up Phoenix Landing, Jesse hooks up a Mario video game and plays it on The Lounge.


Filmed by Jesse Ridgway


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