Post Date February 13, 2016
Duration 19:03
Genre Vlog
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Jesse, Corn and Uncle Larry help Jesse's Mom move into the new house, but Aunt Melissa decides to intrude.
— Description

THE FALLLOUT! (PART 1)  is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on February 13, 2016.


Jesse, Corn, and Uncle Larry are cleaning up the house before Theresa comes. While cleaning up Theresa shows up along with Melissa stalking her. As Theresa unpacks her stuff, Melissa tries to dissuade her unsuccessfully. Jesse tries to get Melissa out of his house but she stands and continues to irritate everyone. Since Melissa doesn't get out Jesse calls Aunt Jackie saying that Melissa's there and she is disturbing the peace.

Melissa finally decides to get out when Chuck appears with a shotgun and shoots it to the air, scaring both Melissa and Jesse. Then the two have a quiet and serious conversation saying that they don't hate each other. Melissa trusts Jesse about his Mom staying there and leaves. As she is leaving she writes on Jesse's car window "I'm sorry" in red lipstick. The video ends with Melissa going away by car and Corn and Jesse return to the house.




  • This is the first and only vlog to feature an active firearm being used.
  • NACHOS ON MOM PRANK! presumably takes place after the events of this video, judging from Melissa's quote: "You know what? I have had a bad day today."
    • This is most likely the case as both videos were uploaded on February 13, 2016.

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