Post Date April 7, 2016
Duration 7:35
Genre Vlog
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Jesse goes to work at a pizza place only to be stopped dead at his tracks.
— Description

THE DESTROYER! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 7, 2016.


Jesse had received a call the previous night while he was working at Toni's Treats. That call was from a pizza parlor, which was another place where he applied for a job. He gets really excited about this new job, but when he got to the pizza parlor, the manager immediately told him no cameras. The manager had talked to Toni at the ice cream place and they both rejected Jesse immediately. Jesse becomes angered about this and he rants about how he destroys businesses with his camera, which proves his father right about not being allowed to have the camera at a job. The previous video of the ice cream place had been taken down, on account of the negative reviews people were giving Toni's Treats. Luckily, he is still hopeful about the job with Anthony at the nursery, which is his first choice as he is waiting for Anthony to call him when the season starts. He gave his father Anthony's name and his number and his father is supposed to call him and Jesse hopes that Anthony will tell Jesse's father that once the season starts, Jesse has the job.



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