Stage 1 - The Exchange
Stage -1 - The Exchange
Post Date September 2, 2015
Duration 2:56
Genre BigBrudda Video
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Stage 2 - The Pitch
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"I have some big plans up my sleeve, but I can't ruin the surprise...for all you Lil Bruddas and for Jesse, too."

"Stage #1 The Exchange" is the fifty-first video uploaded onto the BigBrudda YouTube channel, uploaded on September 2nd, 2015.


Jeffrey Jr. starts the video by explaining it is close to 9 o'clock at night and he has a surprise for the viewers and for Jesse. He is now in the first stage of the surprise, having talked to a couple of friends one offered to sell something to him. Jeffrey Jr. won't say what it is because it will ruin the surprise. Jeffrey Jr. drives through the night and later meets up with his unknown friend in the garage. Jeffrey Jr. negotiates with him until they come to an agreement. Jeffrey Jr. gets back into his car and ends the video promising to document the rest of the process.


  • The majority of viewers believe Jeffrey Jr. was allianced with Corn or Tom.