Post Date February 28, 2016
Duration 27:44
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse is forced into making the most out of helping his Dad."

"SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE!" is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on February 28, 2016.


The video starts with Jeffrey Sr., Jeffrey Jr. and Jesse on the basement next to the ping-pong table. Jeffrey Jr. is confronting his father on why he burnt Jesse's fan mail. Jesse interrupts the argument asking his dad if he had a "pistol." His dad answers him yes, as he always had a pack of guns in his safe, confirming it was a gun safe. They start to move Theresa's stuff to the old fan mail run and whenever Jesse tries to start an heated argument with Jeffrey Sr., Jeffrey Jr. stops him. Jesse finds some of Jeffrey's Jr. fan mail and asks his dad why he didn't destroy Jeffrey's Jr. fan mail. His dad justified himself saying that Jeffrey Jr. has a job, while Jesse doesn't. When Jesse's getting tired of his dad's argument, he drops some of Theresa's stuff on to the ground and goes upstairs. While heading to the room Jeffrey Jr. stops him and tells him to calm down, to not start arguments with his dad and to obey him. At first, Jesse was hesitant about it and kept refusing, but he eventually agrees and starts to be nice to his dad, picking up Theresa's belongings from the floor and bringing him a beer. The video ends with Jesse inviting Jeffrey Jr. to Larry's house trying to make amends with him.



  • Jesse incorrectly calls the handgun Jeffrey Sr. was wielding in the video footage in the previous vlog "a pistol" when in actuality it's a revolver.