Post Date July 18th, 2015
Duration 19:29
Genre Vlog
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Jesse and Uncle Larry try to fish-out the Wii while Jesse's Dad wants to go kayaking randomly.
— Description

"STRANDED! *PSYCHO UPDATE*"is a vlog and update video for Psycho Dad Launches Wii that was uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on July 18th, 2015.


The video begins with Jesse informing about the last day of vacation, before going to the scene of the submerged Wii. At the scene, Uncle Larry can be seen in the water, looking for it. Not long after, Jeffrey Sr. comes and invites Jesse to come kayaking. Jesse reluctantly agrees.

Jeffrey Sr. takes Jesse over to an island off the coast. Jesse climbs out of the raft to explore the island, only to turn around and find that Jeffrey Sr. is rowing away from the island, leaving Jesse stranded. He begins calling out the nearby boaters to get their attention, though this plan doesn't work. Jesse realizes that Jeffrey Sr. intended to strand him on the island.

Jesse texts Uncle Larry to rescue him, which is successful. Uncle Larry arrives, saying that he couldn't find the Wii. The two haul the raft back to the house before making another attempt to find Wii, this time with a fishing net. After a few minutes, Uncle Larry reports he has something, he hauls the net out for Jesse and him to discover he found the Wii.

Arriving at the house, Jesse summarizes what happened throughout the video, and his thoughts of the vacation before ending the video.


STRANDED! was filmed by Jesse.

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