Post Date May 28, 2016
Duration 30:08
Genre Vlog
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End of the Juggies Powwow
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"Jesse attempts to film a video while being restricted to a small room in the basement."

SOLITARY! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 28, 2016.


The video starts in Jesse Ridgway's room with Jesse staring at the words "I'm a psychopath" on the whiteboard. Jesse then goes down to the basement to show the juggies his new room where he will film his videos. He gives the viewers a small tour of the room, which is a very small room with a hanging cable and a small window for light.

Jesse then sneaks out of the room to try to crack open the safe. He experiments with different number combinations for a couple minutes. Suddenly, Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. comes downstairs and sees Jesse out of the room. Jesse frantically runs back into the room, while his father yells at him for sneaking out and trying to crack open the safe. He then tells Jesse that he will bolt this door to lock him in before ordering him to turn the camera off.

The video resumes with Jeffrey Sr. drilling holes into the door to install the bolts. Jesse gets frustrated by the fact that he can only film in this room. Jeffrey Sr. then tells Jesse that he can only film a 30-minute video. Jesse asks his father if he can have one hour, but Jeffrey Sr. refuses continuously. Finally, Jeff Sr. extends the video time limit to 45 minutes, but Jesse still wants one hour, but his father says no. He then orders Jesse to stay in the room until he finishes, and then he will unlock the door and let him out. After a brief argument with his son, Jeffrey Sr. then closes the door on Jesse.

Jesse later goes into panic and paranoia because he is trapped and cannot move anywhere else. He then calms down and reassures the juggies that he will not stop trying to break into the safe.