Post Date May 1, 2016
Duration 25:47
Genre Vlog
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Jesse and Uncle Larry make a risky trip back to the house to get some necessities and say goodbye.
— Description

RUNNING AWAY! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 1, 2016.


Picking up after MAYDAY! MAYDAY!, Jesse devises a plan to move into Larry's RV and hide it somewhere far away from Jeffrey Sr. Jesse, Corn, and Larry go back to the Ridgway Residence to gather some of Jesse's belongings for the RV. Jesse begins to pick up his belongings and during the pickup process, he steals his father's Magnum Revolver and hides it with an American Flag, then destroys his television with a fire pick in revenge. Jeff Jr. comes out, after he let Jesse borrow his laptop and sees the room demolished, asking about what happened. He eventually says his goodbye and the trio drive back to Larry's with Jesse admitting that he destroyed Jeffrey Sr's TV. Larry tells Jesse that now Jeffrey Sr. is going to come look for him and that they need to get the RV and Jesse somewhere far away where Jeffrey Sr. can't find them.




Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Jeffrey Sr.'s TV Jesse Ridgway Hit with a fire pick multiple times. Destroyed.
Jeffrey Sr.'s American Flag Stolen. Buried in Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer.
Jeffrey Sr.'s Magnum Revolver


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