Jesse: You mowed my video games over.

Jeffery Sr.: You wouldn't come out of your room you were just in there playing video games all summer.

Jesse: Not only did you do that but you took a chainsaw to my Xbox One. You raided my online stream and destroyed my TV.

Jeffery Sr.:But you disrespected me , you were running your mouth about me.

Jesse: Well sometimes I do stuff for humor.

Jeffery Sr: And you disrespected me.

Jeffery Sr: Destroying half the trophies.

Jesse: It's because you destroyed my play button!

Jeffrey Sr.: You two were flipping out.

Dr. Nelson: Jesse how did you feel

Jeffery Sr: But then you ruined another holiday Christmas you burnt the tree.

Jesse: That's because I Didn't get the Wii U. Jeffery got an Xbox One that "He didn't even ask for".

Jeffery Sr.: Come on why you Gotta have what he has seriously.

Jeffery Sr.: Remember London, after you went on television The next day you sat in the hotel room all Day and just played video games.

Jesse: I mean to tell you the truth it wasn't that exciting it was just buildings and accents. I didn't find it that interesting.

Jesse: No he was provoking me to be loud then you came down and destroyed, Me,Mark,and Corns laptops. You know him and I are getting back together after the incident.

Jeffery Sr.: What it was like at three in the morning.

Jeffery Sr.: I thought I destroyed them?!

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