(Scene opens to Jesse trying to stop Jeff Sr.)

Jesse: I worked hard for this shit!

Jeff Sr.: Get out of the way.

Jesse: I'm not moving!

Jeffrey: Holy shit.

Jesse: I'm not moving!

(he takes off his jacket and throws it at the tractor, causing Jeffrey to laugh)

Jeff Sr.: Get out of the way.

Jesse: I'm not moving! No!

Jeff Sr.: You disrespect me! You use my electricity!

Jeff Sr.: What else are you going-

Jesse: It's our electricity! I built this from the ground up!

Jeff Sr.: I don't care, Jess! You don't have a job!

Jesse: *stutters* Yeah, I make videos for a living! Do you understand that!?

Jeff Sr.: You don't have anything but a tent!

Jesse: So!? That's because of you!

Jeff Sr.: Well I...

Jesse: Because you won't let me live there!

Jeff Sr.: I gotta put you out of it!

(he continues driving the tractor towards the tent)

Jesse: Dad!

Jeff Sr.: You gotta move!

Jesse: Dad! Stop! Stop!

(Jeff Sr. ignores him, and continues to drive towards the tent)

Jesse: Keep on...Dad, come on!

Jeff Sr.: I'm sorry...

Jesse: Dad, calm down! Can we talk about this!?

Jeff Sr.: No!

Jesse: I'm sorry!

Jeff Sr.: No!

Jesse: I'm sorry about the trophies!

Jeff Sr.: You should've thought about this before you went ahead with it!

Jesse: This isn't fair! Dad!

Jesse: Dad, come on!

(Jeff Sr. starts to lift the plow on the tractor)

(Jeffrey moves towards the entrance of the tent and looks inside)

Jesse: No, please! Please! Dad!

Jeff Sr.: Get out!

Jesse: (running out of the way of the tractor) Shit! Shit! Fuck!

Jeffrey: Holy shit!

Jesse: Oh fuck! No!

(Jeff Sr. starts to run over the tent)

Jeffrey: Oh my fucking god!

Jesse: No! *screams*

Jeffrey: Holy shit!

(Jeff Sr. flattens the tent with the plow, and runs over it and its contents)

Jeffrey: *laughs*

Jesse: Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Fuck!

(He continues his screaming as Jeff Sr. starts turning the tractor around to drive back into the backyard and knocks over chair)

Jeffrey: Holy shit!

Jeff Sr.: You should've thought about it, Jess!

Jeffrey: Holy shit!

Jesse: Are you fucking crazy!? *screams*

(Jeff Sr. starts driving away)

Jeff Sr.: Now you've got a mobile home! You can leave now!


(he charges at Jeffrey, who backs away)

Jesse: *weeps*

Jeffrey: *laughs*

(Jesse searches the remains of Eagles Landing)

Jesse: Where's the Xbox!? Dad!? Dad!?

(he starts running after Jeff Sr. while screaming)

Jeffrey: (spots an Xbox 360 controller) Holy shit! There's the controller! *laughs*

(Jeffrey realizes something about the contents inside the tent)

Jeffrey: Wait a minute!

(Jesse picks up the Xbox, which is presumably broken)

Jesse: Fuck!

Jeffrey: Was my fucking laptop in there!?


Jeffrey: Are you fucking kidding me!? You broke my fucking laptop again!?

(Jesse walks back towards the remains of Eagles Landing)

Jesse: Get the fuck out of here, dude!

Jeffrey: Jesus fucking Christ!

Jesse: You knew this was going to happen!

Jeffrey: *chuckles*

Jesse: That's why you're filming! You're always filming! Fucking!

(he throws the Xbox against a tree, smashing it)

Jeffrey: Jesus Christ, dude!

Jesse: (in a mocking tone) Jesus Christ, dude! Oh, like you never got angry before!? Dude you don't even understand! I worked hard!

Jeffrey: Yeah, I fucking-

Jesse: Eagle...That was Eagles Landing. I had...I made the most of it! Could you not...Can you not...Just go fucking...Just...Get out! Did you tell him?

Jeffrey: No, I didn't tell him!

Jesse: For him to come out here?

Jeffrey: No!

(Jesse continues to survey the destruction)

Jeffrey: Jesus...

Jesse: I had bought a brand new...CAN YOU GET THAT FUCKING CAMERA OUT!?

Jeffrey: *laughs*

Jesse: (angered) Fucking give me that shit!

(Jeffrey brings the camera close to Jesse's face)

Jeffrey: It's okay.

Jesse: Do you seriously want me to fucking punch you in the face right now?

Jeffrey: You're okay. You're okay. *chuckles* You're-

Jesse: You are lucky you're bigger than me!

Jeffrey: *chuckles*

Jesse: Seriously, stop fucking filming me!

Jeffrey: I turned it off.

(Jesse gives a look of disbelief)

Jeffrey: It's off! It's off!

Jesse: Bullshit. Bullshit.

(he lifts a blanket to see if anything valuable survived)

Jesse: Great, a fucking Nature Valley Bar. Lovely.

(he throws the bar)

Jeffrey: *laughs*

(Jesse spots something suspicious)

Jesse: What the hell is that?!

Jeffrey: Uh...*laughs*

Jesse: What the fuck is this?!

(he starts walking toward a camera Jeffrey had set up to get a second view of the destruction)

Jeffrey: It's... nothing! *laughs*

Jesse: Oh, it's nothing, huh!?

(he picks up the camera and walks towards Jeffrey with it)

Jesse: You just happen to have a camera on a tri-pod 'cause YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!

Jeffrey: *laughs* I mean...

Jesse: Oh yeah, it's recording! (high-pitched voice) OH HI! HI JEFFREY!

Jeffrey: *laughs*

(Scene cuts to Jeffery walking over to tractor inspecting damage)

Jeffery: Where's my fucking laptop at? (sees broken laptop) Are you fucking kidding me?! How does this fucking again?! It's just (Jesse screaming in background) he just I can't have nice thing's I swear to fucking god. Jesus holy shit! Jesus Christ! There's the TV. Shit. (Sees cord) God Damn it. (Video ends)

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