Plea to Jesse
Post Date September 15, 2015
Duration 6:16
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Plea to Jesse is a video uploaded onto the Larry's Lounge YouTube channel on September 15, 2015.


Uncle Larry starts the video by saying this video is meant for Jesse to see. He explains to Jesse that what down yesterday was not something that he meant for Jesse to get hurt by. Uncle Larry wanted Jesse to consider the possibility of going someplace else to stop the turmoil between the Abraham family and the Ridgway family.

Uncle Larry was upset that he manipulated Tom and stole his car, but was willing to forgive him.

Uncle Larry wants Jesse to know that he isn't siding with Jeffrey Sr. or Jeffrey Jr. and that he isn't mad at Jesse.

Uncle Larry wants Jesse to look back at THROWN OUT OF LARRY'S! and tell him where he told him to get out. Uncle Larry says Jesse wouldn't let him finish saying what he wanted to say.

Uncle Larry wants Jesse to know all the pranks are affecting his relationship with the Ridgway family, which he doesn't want.

Uncle Larry tells Jesse that he never kicked him out and Jesse was very rude to him by telling him to clean up all the trash in the RV. Uncle Larry doesn't care about that, but cares about Jesse himself.

Uncle Larry says what hurts him the most is that after everything that happened, Jesse wrote the title of the video without even referring to him as "Uncle Larry."

Uncle Larry says he still cares for Jesse and his entire family does in their own way and things shouldn't have ended the way they did.



Plea to Jesse follows the events of THROWN OUT OF LARRY'S!.

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