Post Date March 31, 2016
Duration 17:46
Genre Vlog
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PSYCHO DAD'S DEADLINE! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on March 31, 2016.


The video starts with Jesse on the side of the road panicking because he just hit a deer with his car. Jesse then calls Jeffrey Sr. and tells him that he just hit a deer with his car and tells him to pick up the deer, if he wants to do so.

The video cuts to Jesse in his room transferring his games from his Xbox One to his back up hard drive so that his father doesn't destroy his games. As the process continues, Jesse starts to hide all the potential electronic objects that his father could destroy. Jesse gets back onto his computer to see how the process is doing, but so far, no luck has happened. Jeffrey Sr. enters the room and asks Jesse if he got the job. Jesse (hesitantly) says no and much to be expected, his father grabs one of his Xbox One controllers and slams it to the ground, causing some pieces to shatter off. Jesse then begins to stand up for himself and argues with his dad, saying that he plans to return to grad school. In the end, his father asks him if he enjoyed going hunting and shows that he brought the deer's antlers with him. In Jesse's reply, he did indeed enjoy it, and told his father he was being serious about it.

The video ends with Jeffrey Sr. adding one week to the deadline or else he will be picking a job (threatening him that he won't like it). Jesse comes to a conclusion, saying that he is going to put some effort on his job seeking adventure.




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