Post Date September 6, 2015
Duration 10:04
Genre Vlog
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PREGNANCY PRANK! is a vlog video uploaded on the YouTube channel, McJuggerNuggets. It was uploaded on September 5. 2015.


Jesse thanks viewers for an awesome live stream in advance while his girlfriend plays guitar in the background. Jesse and his girlfriend then go to have lunch at stone harbor. The two return to their car and discuss their idea for a fake proposal with a ring Jesse bought. Jesse decides to up the ante a little bit by faking a pregnancy as well. The two arrive at the house and head to the backyard where Jeffrey Sr. is hanging out. Jesse almost changes his mind after seeing his father, but his girlfriend encourages him on.

Jesse gives his girlfriend the camera, then heads outside to where his father is lounging around with a bunch of other guys. Jesse asks him inside but Jeffrey Sr. doesn't want to get up. Jesse tells him that his girlfriend is pregnant. Jeffrey is surprised at how careless Jesse is being but dismisses the idea of an abortion immediately. Jesse suddenly starts to laugh and reveals to Jeffrey Sr. it was just a prank which upsets him. Jeffrey tells him its not funny to say that in front of all those other people. Jeffrey orders him to go home. The two grab the guitar and leave the campground.



  • This is one of the few videos where Jeffrey Sr. acts relatively calm despite Jesse's antics.
  • This episode reveals that Jeffrey Sr. is pro-life when it comes to abortion, despite the fact that he is mostly Liberal.

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