Post Date September 9, 2015
Duration 24:01
Genre Prank
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"The true nature of "Operation Nameless" is revealed as Uncle Larry and Jesse set everything up. Jesse also reveals he has an "ace up his sleeve."

OPERATION PITFALL! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets channel on September 9, 2015.


The video begins with Jesse introducing the project "Operation Pitfall," revealing its name for the first time. Uncle Larry helps Jesse cover up the hole Jeffrey Sr. dug up earlier with the tarp. The two pour water into the hole with a hose and add in some extra dirt to the hole. Uncle Larry ties Jeffrey Jr.'s Batman statue to the rope, but the statues cracks in half when tying it to the tree and the Batman part falls off. The statue dangles directly over the trap set for Jeffrey Jr. and the broken part is also hung on a noose next to the city. The two then put the tarp on top of the hole with a mysterious person helping Jesse and Uncle Larry secure the trap. The trap is finally set and leaves are raked on top to hide the tarp. Uncle Larry leaves, not wanting to be present during the prank.

As the video ends, Jesse reveals it was Corn who was working with him and Uncle Larry will be the ace up his sleeve against Jeffrey Jr..


OPERATION PITFALL! follows the events of STEALING BIGBRUDDA'S STATUE!KEEPING SECRETS!, and FINAL PREPARATIONS!, with Jesse planning his prank on Jeffrey Jr..


  • Despite being Jesse's prank, Jesse doesn't actually put any effort into putting it together, instead having Uncle Larry do all the work.
  • With the title being "Operation PITFALL," Jesse most likely got the "PITFALL" name from a multiplayer map in Halo 4 called "Pitfall."