Post Date November 30th, 2015
Duration 32:54
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse and Corn attempt to make more progress in "The Last of Us", but Jesse struggles to continue..."

ONE LAST TIME! is a vlog, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 30, 2015.


Jesse and Corn head out to the Morton Building to play The Last of Us, being grilled on the way out by Jeffrey Sr., who thinks they are going out to see Theresa. The two play for a while before Jesse begins to get emotional, thinking about playing with Theresa. Jesse decides to go to Uncle Larry's house and get her to play with them, Jeffrey Sr.'s warning to not leave the house.

Jesse and Corn arrive at Uncle Larry's house, where Jesse gets a call from Jeffrey Sr. asking where they are. Jesse lies and says he is at McDonald's. The two attempt to enter via Tom, but he isn't awake. The two sneak around the back and see Theresa in the den. They knock on the door and she opens up. Theresa is surprised to see Jesse has come all the way over to ask her to play video games. She objects, saying she is tired and doesn't want to go back to the Ridgway Residence. Jesse persists says he doesn't want to play by himself. Theresa finally agrees and goes with the two. As they leave they see Uncle Larry staring out the window without a hat on.

The video cuts to Theresa playing in the Morton Building and Jesse comes in with her laptop. Jesse tells her that Jeffrey Sr. has given him problems after bringing her the clothes. Jesse urges Theresa to talk to Jeffrey Sr. and get back together. Theresa doesn't want to and they continue playing with Jesse upset. They play for a little while longer before Jesse gets emotional again and says things were getting better before Theresa left and that he wishes they were still together. Theresa starts to cry and says she didn't play for the split to happen and didn't mean what she said that they weren't not getting back together again. Theresa reveals she wants Jeffrey Sr. to stop being so ignorant towards her and abusive towards Jesse. Theresa says she misses her family and her dogs but feels better away from Jeffrey Sr.. Theresa says she will consider about getting together with Jeffrey Sr. and the two go back to Uncle Larry's house and drop her off.


  • This marks the first time in a McJuggerNuggets video where Larry is seen without a hat.


ONE LAST TIME! was filmed by Corn.