Post Date May 13, 2016
Duration 20:28
Genre Vlog
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Psycho Dad Rips Apart Trailer
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Aunt Melissa threatens to call Psycho Dad.
— Description

NAIL IN THE COFFIN! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on May 13, 2016.


The vlog starts with Jesse feeding Demma baby food, then it goes to the Stahlberger residence and Melissa scolds Jesse again and threatens to call Jeff Sr. and tell him the location of Jesse's whereabouts. Jesse tries to stop her by offering to call Theresa and see if she wants to reconcile her friendship with Melissa. Theresa answers the phone and says that she is tired of the negativity that surrounded her. She does not want to be around Melissa anymore and has started a new life without her which angers her and Jesse asks if he could see her sometime to which she says yes. Melissa tells Jesse that it is over between her and Theresa, and then she gets back to calling Jeff Sr. and telling him where Jesse is. But before she can make the call, Jesse succeeds in stopping her by grabbing her phone out of her hands and smashing it to smithereens with a cookware pot. Jesse runs away and curses out Melissa on his way back to the RV. Jesse goes to pack up and gets angry that his mom couldn't say one nice thing to Melissa.



Victim Destructor Method of Damage Victim's Final Result
Melissa's iPhone Jesse Ridgway Bashed multiple times with a cookware pot. Destroyed.


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