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 Psycho Mom Divorces Husband

Psycho Mom Divorces Husband

Psycho Mom Divorces Husband is the thirty-sixth episode of the Psycho Series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on November 25, 2015.

In Jesse's room in the Morton Building, Jeffrey Sr., Theresa and Jesse are in the middle of an argument concerning the events of Psycho Brother Stomps Glasses, specifically over the fact that Jesse had smashed a beer bottle over Jeffrey Jr.'s head. Jesse claims to have done it in self-defense and tells Jeff Sr. to leave, but the latter responds by flipping Jesse's coffee table. He then shoves Jesse into the wall, causing him to fall over. Jesse accidentally breaks the light bulb of a lamp in the process. Jeffrey Sr. then smashes Jesse's TV with a Fan-Mail hammer. As Jeffrey Sr. and Theresa walk away, Jesse tells Corn to follow them.

At this point, Theresa loses her grip on the psychopathic events and starts to confront Jeff Sr. However, mid-way he manages to smash a window on Jesse's Toyota Corolla with a baseball bat thus setting off the car's alarm, despite Theresa's pleads to stop. Screaming, she announces that she wants a divorce because she cannot handle Jeff Sr. being defiant towards her and Jesse; while all of this is occurring Jesse is seen watching the two unaware of the accident caused by his father. Theresa walks off as Jesse and Jeff Sr. pursue. 

Theresa goes back into the Ridgway Residence and starts packing up her belongings in a rush, claiming that she can no longer take part in the psychopathic events anymore, explaining that she has thought for years about divorcing Jeff Sr. due to his unorthodox parenting and her husband not listening to her. Despite Jesse reminding her that Thanksgiving was the next day and his pleads of taking him with her and Jeff Sr. asking her to rethink her decision, she drives off. As Jeff Sr. goes back into the house, Jesse yells at Corn for filming while taking off his hoodie. Jesse starts to run down the driveway and stops as he curls into the fetal position before unleashing a war cry as the screen blacks out.

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