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Since December 15, 2014; McJuggerNuggets Wiki quickly escalated it's way into a free, public and collaborative database that is also the biggest and most accurate encyclopedia related to McJuggerNuggets/BigBrudda/Larry's Lounge/ManNamedCorn/Georgie Stahlberger, with a number of 1,177 articles, approximately 81 active users and 82,621 edits.

DISCLAIMERS: We only put in the research and information depicted in the events of the videos (also added from other media), as some information could be slightly inexact. We have no affiliation with anyone related to McJuggerNuggets - we are just a fan base. We also do not claim any of the images exhibited on this wikia from McJuggerNuggets-related videos to be ours as they belong solely and only to McJuggerNuggets, his secondary channels, BigBrudda, Larry's Lounge, ManNamedCorn and McCann's Farm under the fair use of the Copyright Act of 1976.





PSYCHO DAD VS ANGRY GRANDPA! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 1, 2016.

The video starts with Jeffrey Ridgway Sr. and Jesse Ridgway going to AGP's house to try and fix up the damage from PSYCHO KID KILLS ANGRY GRANDPA!, but Jeff wanted to go alone. When he was done, they go to the pool house to discover there was someone living there, when Michael suddenly arrives. He gets in Jesse's face with the camera, angering him to the point where he snatches the camera from Michael and slams it onto the ground, and the two nearly fight, but Jeff interrupts, halting it. Grandpa suddenly arrives, and after a brief argument, he hurls a lamp across the room, smashing it to pieces. Jeff also becomes angry and shatters a vase on the floor of the room, and thus begins a destructive rampage between him and Grandpa, in which the majority of Charlie's room is wrecked, while Jesse and Michael watch in horror. Jesse then takes the safe and returns to New Jersey with Jeff and Parker.

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    Michael Green, aka KidBehindACamera, aka Lyricold, just released a diss song to Jesse Ridgway. Being a huge rap fan myself, I was pretty thrilled when I hea…

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    So far, Jesse has visited KidBehindACamera in South Carolina and Boogie in Arkansas. He is pretty much bound to be invited (or invite himself to) another similar Youtuber's house. But whose will he g…

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    This is Rush. I am here to detail my master plan for this wikia come this winter break. This plan will involve adding plots to vlogs (forgotten and un-forgotten), in order to not only minimize the am…

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