McJuggerNuggets RV Prank Fail
McJuggerNuggets RV Prank Fail
Post Date May 4, 2015
Duration 8:50
Genre BigBrudda Video
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McJuggerNuggets RV Prank Fail is the 10th episode of the Big Brudda Series uploaded on May 4, 2015. This video shows the same events as Psycho Dad Reacts to One Million Juggies but from Jeffrey's perspective.


Jeffrey Jr. starts the video by explaining his account got hacked and he knows that it's Jesse who did it, although he didn't. So Jeffrey gets into his father's truck and drives to his Uncle Larry's house. Jeffrey has read that Uncle Larry is currently in Atlantic City so Jesse is vulnerable to his attack. Jeffrey takes a rope with him to the RV. He admires his graffiti on the RV then pushes the stairs closed. Jeffrey then makes the RV mobile and turns on the AC. After all this, Jeffrey hides behind the RV waiting for Jesse to return to the RV. Jeffrey turns off the electricity as well. When Jesse enters the RV, he locks the door closed with the rope. Jesse starts to yell at Jeffrey asking to be let out but Jeffrey decides to take him him home instead. Jeffrey goes and gets his father's truck and drives back to the RV. Jeffrey hooks up the RV to the truck and drives back to the Ridgway Residence. The rest of the footage of Jeffrey Jr. being yelled at and the camera's destruction is not shown and presumed lost.