McJuggerNuggets Needs YOU!
Post Date October 10, 2014
Duration 0:44
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Hello there, my name is McJuggerNuggets, and I'm the boy in these videos. My family doesn't support my gaming or video making. This is my life. But maybe, just maybe, I can prove them all wrong. But with your help and support, I-we can fight back. It's time. Join the RiDGiD Rebellion and become a Juggie, so together we can become something great.
Jesse Ridgway's narration throughout the video

McJuggerNuggets Needs YOU! is an unlisted YouTube video which aims to be a first try on a channel trailer, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on October 10, 2014.


The video is a montage of the Psycho Videos (up until Psycho Dad Wrecks Car). This video led to many controversies of the "Psycho Series" being real or fake as it's spotted in the first 2 seconds of the video, it appears as if Psycho Dad Wrecks Car is a retake. It seems as if Jeffrey Sr has tried to chop down a tree on Jesse's Mitsubishi Montero. While this scene was never in Psycho Dad Wrecks car, it concludes as if this scene was an outtake.



  • In the first two seconds of McJuggerNuggets Needs YOU!, it showed failed take of Psycho Dad Wrecks Car. This led to speculation that the Psycho Videos were fake
  • The montage shows (in order) clips of:
    • A possible failed take of Psycho Dad Wrecks Car.
    • Jeffrey Sr. throwing Jesse's Xbox through the back window of his car in Psycho Dad Wrecks Car.
    • Jeffrey Sr. mowing over Jesse's video games in Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games.
    • Jeffrey Sr. hitting Jeffrey Jr. laptop with an axe in Psycho Dad Axes Laptop.
    • Jeffrey Sr. invading Jesse's gaming lair in Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox.
    • Jeffrey Sr. throwing Jesse's Xbox into the pool with Jesse jumping after it in Psycho Dad Drowns Xbox.
    • Jeffrey Sr. shattering the right side windows of Jesse's car in Psycho Dad Wrecks Car.
    • Jeffrey Jr. cutting Jesse's hair in Psycho Brother Clips Head.
    • Jeffrey Sr. throwing Jesse's Xbox in Psycho Dad Destroys Xbox.
    • Jeffrey Jr. smashing Jesse's camera in Psycho Brother's Filming Freakout.
    • Jesse and Jeffrey Sr. doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in The Real ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
    • Jesse screaming in Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games.
    • Jesse in a puddle in Psycho Dad Wrecks Car.
  • The word 'Subscribe' was misspelled as 'Subcribe' in the video's thumbnail.

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