Post Date January 10, 2016
Duration 19:10
Genre Vlog
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"Jesse talks to Jeffrey about using his truck for construction."

MAKING THINGS DIFFICULT! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on January 10, 2016.


Jesse starts the vlog stating his plan to get his brother to help convince his mom to move in to his aunt Jackie's house. Jesse sees Jeffrey cooking a meal in the kitchen and fills him in on the house situation. Jeffrey starts to snicker when he hears Jesse's intention to live at the house himself. Jeffrey doesn't think things are going to pan out for him. Jesse doesn't care for his opinion but wants his help in convincing her. After some convincing Jeffrey eventually agrees. Jesse suddenly gets a phone call from Buzz who he puts on speaker. Buzz decides to sell his house and asks Jesse if he is interested. Jesse says he's planning on fixing up his aunt's house and move in there. Buzz says he's asking for 30k for a down payment but Jesse isn't sure because he could potentially have Jackie's place for free. Jesse decides to think about it and hangs up. Jesse asks Jeffrey what he thinks about Buzz's offer while Jeffrey Sr. walks in at the same time. Jeffrey Jr. laughs at the idea while Jeffrey Sr. questions the proposition. Jeffrey Sr. questions where he could come up with 30 grand for a down payment and how he would pay for utilities and other expenses. Jeffrey Jr. advises Jesse not to buy the house . Corn also advises Jesse to go with Jackie's house.