Kung Ewww!
Post Date July 3, 2015
Duration 3:40
Genre Skit
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"Master and Student have a violent encounter in the woods."

Kung Ewww! is a skit uploaded onto the Larry's Lounge YouTube channel on July 3, 2015.


The skit begins with the Master telling the Student he is a poor student and never pays attention, needing more focus. The student agrees and points out the three they passed was huge.

Suddenly, She-Bitch comes out from behind a tree in the forest, giggling and hiding her face behind a folding fan, causing the student to look back and attempt to flirt, until She-Bitch reveals her ugly deformed teeth behind the folding fan, to the student's disgust.

The master then looks back to his student, snapping his fingers and asking if he can focus on one thing, telling him he doesn't want "none of that". The two then make fun of her face, before she gets closer, insulting them and requests a fight.

The student obliges, stating he will "kick her ass", before getting slapped multiple times by She-Bitch, causing him to slap her back, until she kicks him down, knocking him out.

The master then fights She-Bitch, calling her ugly. The two fight, and the She-Bitch performs a lost ancient art of nut cracking, knocking the master down, causing him to bleed and tell his student to run. The video then ends with She-Bitch chasing after the student.



  • This is the second skit on the Larry's Lounge channel.