On May 1, McJuggerNuggets Wiki administrator DarkUnknownWarrior got the chance to partake in an interview with McCann's Farm. Here are the answers.

1.May you give us some history concerning the origin of McCann's Farm?

  • My grandparents Margaret and Edward both came from farming families. In 1951 they bought our farm in Elk Twp (Elk Township). My grandfather and his sons farmed until the mid 1970's. They raised vegetables and peaches. When a highway cut through the farm everyone had to get off farm jobs. Ed and Tom farmed the land until 2007. When they retired and Anita and Nancy started farming. Finding little revenue from wholesale sales they decided to go retail selling at tailgate farmers market all over Philadelphia. We now have 7 tailgate markets and a home market.

2.Do you enjoy your jobs and is it a hard job?

  • It is a HARD job but so rewarding.

3.Does your farm happen to have any competition?

  • The farmers in our area really don't "compete" we help one another I right now could call any number of neighbors for help if I needed it.

4.How did you meet Chris?

  • Nancy and I knew Chris's wife first. We worked with her at a deli when we were in college I really don't know when he started at the farm.

5.If you could have any other job other than at the farm what would it be and why?

  • Bakery... I LOVE to cook and bake. It would be my dream to cook and bake for my job.

6.Do you truly like the YouTube culture so far? What do you like and dislike about it the most?

  • I was surprised to find the "culture" of YouTube to be as extensive as it is I never knew it existed before Jesse came to the farm. Now have great people supporting us I dislike the people who are just on there to be mean.

7.What are the types of videos you're going to be doing for the future of the channel?

  • We tried a cooking segment this week and we are planning a start to finish garden in the yard. We will start it just like you would at home ...break the ground and video there each week, viewers could mimic what we are doing in their own backyard.

8.What's your favourite animal?

  • Maybe Teddy my dog but as far as the farm animals the goats are my favorite.

9.What's your favourite movie?

  • Steel Magnolias... it is about strong women taking care of their families and each other.

10.How was the interview?

  • This was painless. Also my first so I hope they all go this easily.