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The McJuggerNuggets Wiki is continually revising the image policies.
If you locate any unwritten rule that should be clarified on this page, contact an Administrator.

For those who have trouble understanding what images to put on this wikia, experienced or new, these guidelines should help.


  1. Screenshots must not be edited (cropped screenshot is the only exception).
  2. There must be no annotations in the screenshot.
  3. If you can, try to get your screenshots in 720p or 1080p. Getting the images in HD would be greatly appreciated. Low quality images will be marked for deletion.

Social Media Images 

  1. Try not to get any Facebook or Instagram images, unless it is a profile picture.
  2. If the character has a YouTube channel, we post the character's profile picture on the character template. However, there are some exceptions, depending on how big the YouTuber is and depending on the picture.

Miscellaneous Images

  1. It is fine to upload non-McJuggerNuggets related images, but only on userpages and blog posts/forums so don't spam them on articles.
  2. Don't upload images that seem inappropriate or may offend others - an admin will delete them when noticed.

Naming Policies for Images

  1. If you can in the future, please forbid yourself from creating images that have a mixture of letters and numbers as the file name.

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