Post Date April 10, 2015
Duration 9:43
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"Jesse looks for things to pimp out "Eagle's Landing" and goes on a ridiculous trek through the woods with his trusty hatchet."
— Description

HUNTING & EXPLORING! is the seventeenth episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 10, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse looking in the Morton Building for anything he could use. He mentions about the portable heater there, frustrated that he didn't notice it earlier. He talks about how he plans to go hunting as he takes an hatchet. He looks at other things, nothing of use though, except for a light, but doesn't take it.

It cuts to Jesse looking at the "MY CONDOLENCES" paper from the The "No-Arms" Challenge (ORIGINAL VIDEO), which is still outside.

Jesse walks away from Eagle's Landing , following a trail and climbing over a tree stump and looking at the 'Penis Tree' and an easter egg. He thanks for the viewer for subcribing, saying that the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel reached 800,000 subcribers the previous night.

Jesse talks about how he's always wanted to throw a hatchet at a tree. He tries multiple times, but fails each time. He then sings about Krusty Krab Pizza before arriving back at Eagle's Landing. He walks to the road, then sees the trail left behind from moving the generator in DISCOVERING ELECTRICITY!.

Jesse decides to try and look at the house, talking about a ditch as being a place where children go to die and where the world is sucked into itself. He then complains about the stinger bush and tries to use the hatchet to chop it down, but fails.

The video ends as Jesse is back inside Eagle's Landing, deciding to play games.

A short clip is seen where Jesse successfully throws the hatchet into a tree.


HUNTING & EXPLORING! was filmed by Jesse.



The events of The "No-Arms" Challenge (ORIGINAL VIDEO) and DISCOVERING ELECTRICITY! are mentioned.

The same axe seen in this video is seen once more in THE HARVEST!, as part of a shrine in remembrance to Eagle's Landing after it's destruction in Psycho Dad Flattens Gaming Lair.

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