Post Date Dec 2, 2015
Duration 19:42
Genre Vlog
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Jesse shows some new banner ideas for the channel, but Psycho Dad interrupts with the rent bill for November.
— Description

HE'S A PSYCHOPATH! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 2, 2015.


The video opens with Jesse making a new banner for his channel with Corn, until his father comes in and interrupts him about the rent he has to pay for November, asking him for his previous bill so that he can type and print out his current bill. Jesse complies, and proceeds to continue trying to make the new banner for his channel. Jeff Sr. returns with the bill shortly after, and when Jesse finds that his bill is nearly double of what it was the previous month (due to the room in the Morton Building, and oddly for Jeff Sr. smashing his car window), Jesse argues over the charges included in the bill, and attempts to ask why Jeff Sr. doesn't make Jeffrey pay rent, as well as point out that Larry doesn't make Tom and Theresa pay rent. Jeff Sr. defends himself, stating that Tom is still in college and doesn't have a full job, and that Jeffrey makes up for it by helping him with his landscaping business. Jeff Sr. then expresses how Theresa calling him a psychopath "felt like a punch to the gut" before he leaves Jesse with his rent for the month. Jesse then resumes filming his new banner for his channel as the video ends.



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