Post Date May 22, 2016
Duration 15:37
Genre Vlog
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Juliette encourages Jesse to stay strong the night before her graduation with a new song called, "Carry You".
— Description

HANG IN THERE! is a vlog uploaded onto the YouTube channel McJuggerNuggets on May 22, 2016.


During Jesse's trip to his girlfriend's dorm in which she would graduate from collage the next day. Jesse wants to start a Vlog with her. They do but then eventually Jesse's girlfriend announces that she wrote a song for Jesse. She starts to sing the song that she wrote about their relationship and everything that he has to deal with ab his family. While Jesse's girlfriend is singing the sone it is clear to see that this song means a lot to Jesse, shown by how he would tear up at times. At the end of the song Jesse hugs his girlfriend and tells her thank you for what she did. Afterwards Jesse cancels his plans to keep vlogging for the day and ends the vlog to spend time with his girlfriend.


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