Post Date April 9, 2015
Duration 11:23
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A DAY IN THE LIFE! (Tent Edition)
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Jesse struggles to find warmth and also meets up with a couple friends.
— Description

EAGLE'S LANDING HAS VISITORS! is the fifteenth episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 9, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse in the Morton Building, looking for anything to help keep him warm, thinking about moving the couch into Eagle's Landing. He briefly changes the topic to the recently announced Black Ops 3 before finding the costume Jeffrey Jr. wore in Donnie Darko Easter Bunny Prank, happily taking it. The video cuts to Jesse wearing the costume, happily laughing about it. He said he has heard that a few friends are coming to Eagle's Landing.

After watching two eagles flying in the sky, Jesse, at Eagle's Landing, sees Patrick coming from the dirt road. Jesse introduces him to Eagle's Landing, which Patrick isn't very impressed with. They go inside as Mark arrives, who Jesse eagerly welcomes him inside while Mark is impressed with Eagle's Landing and amused by Jesse's costume.

Jesse sets his TV on the stand, asking what Mark and Patrick want to do. Mark says he wants to play Skyrim. Patrick and Mark suggest they leave, which Jesse thinks they mean he moves in with them, but they correct him to them going to a restaurant, offering to pay, with Jesse happily accepting before scolding Mark for wearing his boots in the tent.

The video cuts to the three at a restaurant, Patrick eating a chicken caeser salad, Mark having a smokehouse, which he describes as green wrapped around bacon, tomato, lettuce, meat and sauce while Jesse is having a Gorgonzola salad and a bowl of chili.

Outside, Mark announces that he's going to Croatia while Jesse and Patrick head back to Eagle's Landing.



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