Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
First appearance: EPIC PAINT FIGHT!
Last appearance: DEMMA'S DEMISE!

Damien was a figure that appeared when Corn, Mark and Parker painted the walls on Jesse's gaming room.


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Sometime around during EPIC PAINT FIGHT!, Damien was "born" when the trio were painting the walls. When Jesse saw this, he commented on how creepy Damien had look, with the camera even detecting him via facial recognition. Since then, Damien has made a few minor appearances. Damien would later on play a bit more of an important role. After Jesse's father destroyed his gaming room, Jesse later returned to pick up a few things from the rubble, one of which was Damien, as well as Emma in RUNNING AWAY! When Jesse returned to the Wingless Eagle in HONEYMOON PHASE! , he began creating himself his very own companion, using the remains of Damien and an Emma head. The result was a styrofoam head with Damien taped on Emma's face. In WELCOME TO THE WINGLESS EAGLE!, Jesse would continue to work on his companion, creating more of a styrofoam statue dubbed Demma. Damien would later be destroyed in DEMMA'S DEMISE!.

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  • Jesse has always compared Damien to Emma, due to unnatural presence. It gets to the point where he even views the two as a couple.

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