Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Current Friends:
Current friends:
First appearance: "Everyday Situations" 01: Empty Boxes
Last appearance: "Everyday Situations" 25: Opening Boxes

Turned out to be a great [bleep]ing morning.

Curtis is the protagonist of "Everyday Situations", portrayed by Jesse Ridgway. He is known for his loud demeanor and excessive use of curse words.


Season One

In Empty Boxes, Curtis goes into the kitchen and into the cupboard, taking out a box, but is angered when he finds that it's empty. He then takes an egg box from the refrigerator and finds a single egg. in a sigh of relief, he takes it, but the shell cracks, angering him even more and ruining his morning.

In Toe Stub, Curtis is watching a show on TV, before rushing up from the sofa when the commercials start, however he stubs his toe on a rocking chair, causing him to fall to the ground and wriggle on the floor with his speech being constantly censored, his mother then walks by him stating the show is back on.

In Snow Day, Curtis goes outside and looks at the snow, but gets hit in the face with a snowball. He calls out, demanding to know who threw it, but there's no answer. He threatens them, but gets hit by another snowball in the face, before exclaiming in anger.

In Stuck, Curtis tries to drive his car out of the snow, he tries over and over, to no avail, he then pulls back his chair in sorrow.

Curtis appears briefly in Occupied, with no lines, taking a leak outside as Simon watches before wetting himself.

Trying on his favorite shirt in Shirt Shrink, he finds it has shrunken down to the point where he can't even fit into it, in anger, he rips it to shreds while exclaiming.

In Drink Spill, Curtis is desperately trying to drink a glass of water, however spills it twice before announcing he is done, walking away in defeat. This episode is carried onto briefly in Wet Socks, where he is shown trying to dry off the floor, causing Simon to walk on the floor twice, wetting his socks and giving up in defeat, laying on the floor.

Curtis appears alongside Simon in Moving Boxes, with Simon asking Curtis to bring down a box for him, however when he trips, the box topples over and games come out, Curtis then states he "quits this game."

In Eye Adjust, Simon and Curtis simply go outside and are blinded... That's it.

As Simon fails at tying his tie in Tying Ties, Curtis walks in to find hung himself.


  • Curtis' name is derived from the word "curse", since he curses a lot throughout the series



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