Cops-The Untold Story
Post Date December 9, 2006
Duration 6:26
Genre Gaming Video
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Geico Gone Halo
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It's the law.
— Description.

Cops-The Untold Story is the first video uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on December 9, 2006.


The video is a story of a group of police officers and criminals depicted in the XBOX game Halo 2.


  • ARETARTDEDMONKY, JOKERNTHEPACK, DJ & JT, HOCKECHRIS and Gunblade as Criminal #1 and Criminal #2
  • IAmTheHolyGrail as Officer #1
  • USMJarHeads as Cop #2
  • Big Papi as Cop #3


  • "Bad Boys (Theme From Cops)" by Inner Circle plays in the video. 
  • The video was most likely edited with Windows Movie Maker. 

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