• "Fuck you, kiss my fuckin' ass!" (O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?)
  • "What are ya gay buddies or somethin'?"
  • "That $7500 is coming out of your ass!"
  • "The problem is the camera, the solution is the camera!"
  • "Hey Yum-Yum."
  • "This fucking cum shot is here every minute!"

(referring to Zachary Cornatzer)

  • "Aha! Boy, you gonna get something now!"
  • "Uncle Larry's a goddamn jellyfish."
  • "Yeah, you're Yum-Yum."
  • "What's his name? Cornhole?"
  • "Yo, Cornjob.""
  • "Did that happen when you were cuddling with Corn?"
  • "Life skills for Corn."
  • "Don't cry, you fucking douchebag."
  • "Hey! you're wet again!"
  • "What the hell is YouTube?"

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