Post Date September 15, 2015
Duration 15:11
Genre Vlog
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CORN QUITS THE PRISON! is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on September 15th, 2015.


Jesse is still stranded on the side of the road when Corn picks him up in his car to take him to his house. Jesse mocks Uncle Larry for kicking him out of his house. The two drive past the Ridgway Residence, where they see Jeffrey Sr. and Ella standing out in the driveway.

Jesse and Corn arrive at Corn's house, although Corn hasn't told his parents Jesse will be staying. Jesse explains the situation to Corn's mom, who agrees to let Jesse stay for a few days. The two go through two bathrooms and enter Corn's room. Beth is away at college, so Jesse is allowed to stay in her room.

Jesse and Corn go upstairs to play video games where Corn has his consoles set up. Corn reveals that he quit his job at the prison because he didn't need a college degree for it so he felt he was wasting his experience and he hated the weird schedule. Jesse asks Corn what he plans on doing now and Corn reveals he wants to start Twitch streaming. Jesse agrees to help Corn establish his streaming career in return for being his filming slave. Jesse reveals that tomorrow they will launch a raid on Theresa and Uncle Larry's business to prevent the BigBrudda t-shirts from being made.




CORN QUITS THE PRISON! picks up only a few minutes after THROWN OUT OF LARRY'S!.


Most viewers are against Jesse. The reasons for CORN QUITS THE PRISON! include lying to Corn by telling him Uncle Larry kicked him out of his house when in reality, Jesse kicked himself out, being rude to Corn and for generally being a freeloader.

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