Post Date February 19, 2016
Duration 34:34
Genre Birthday vlog
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"Jesse takes Corn out for his 24th Birthday...Crazy surprises await!"

"CORN'S BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!" is a vlog uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on February 19, 2016.


Jesse decides to throw a surprise for Corn, seeing as it is his birthday. When Corn arrives, Jesse tells him happy birthday, and gives him a t-shirt and tells him to use it as a blind fold. Corn does so and Jesse drives Corn to a highway, as a joke. Corn is confused, but Jesse tells him that it was joke and they get back into the car.

Jesse drives to Chuck E Cheese, Corn stares for a few moments at the building, then responds in "All right!" Jesse and Corn then jog to the building, they play some arcade games, while playing, they meet a Juggie named Carlos. They hang out for a while and run into three more Juggies, named Caitlyn, Julia, and their brother Bobby. Jesse then records Carlos playing a car racing game, they then give Carlos some tokens.

The video cuts to where Jesse and Corn are playing more arcade games, Corn then says he is hungry, but does not want to eat the food provided at Chuck E Cheese, so Jesse and Corn find Carlos, Caitlyn, and Julia, give them their spare tokens, they give Bobby a Juggies bracelet.

The video cuts again to where Jesse and Corn are at McDonalds. Jesse then shows the camera some toys they purchased which includes, a rubber bat, and a plastic frog toy.

The video cuts once again to where Jesse and Corn are back at the Ridgway Residence, Jesse then says that he hoped Corn had a good birthday, and that he was going to stream tonight, Jesse then says goodbye to the camera, and the video ends.