Behind the Scenes - Smashing Psycho Dad's Pool Stunt!!!
Behind the Psycho Scenes 1
Post Date June 27, 2016
Duration 5:22
Genre Behind the Scenes
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"Today at the lounge, Uncle Larry shows you guys some footage we took from a while back!."

Behind the Scenes - Smashing Psycho Dad's Pool Stunt!!! is behind the scenes footage of Psycho Uncle Impacts Pool, uploaded onto the Larry's Lounge YouTube channel on June 27, 2016.


The video opens with Larry Abraham explaining that he will be destroying the Ridgway's pool in a behind the scenes video so people will know it is after the series finale where it is confirmed the series is fake. He mounts a GoPro camera on the front of his truck and drives into the pool, destroying it. After the destruction, Larry, Jesse, and Jeff Sr. survey the damage and Larry returns to the Abraham Household none the worse-for-wear, where he ends the video.




  • During the scene where Larry destroys the pool, Jesse's screaming from the main video can be heard for a split second.