Post Date April 4, 2015
Duration 10:33
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On Easter's Eve, Jesse supplies electricity to the Eagle's Nest. Also, a Juggie attempts to alert Psycho Dad of Eagle's Landing's whereabouts.
— Description

BETRAYED BY A JUGGIE! is the sixth episode of the KICKED OUT (SURVIVAL SERIES), uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on April 4, 2015.


The video starts with Jesse venting about a letter he has. He changes the topic to the fact that he has plugged the extension cord into the Morton Building and has it running to Eagle's Landing, with extra cord leftover. Jesse mentions about the weather pulling one of the pegs out of the ground, but he decides he can just hammer it back in.

Jesse brings up the topic of him receiving a phone call from his 93 year old neighbour who is a family friend. Jesse says that some sort of Anti-Juggie sent a letter to Jeffrey Sr., trying to bypass Jesse's PO box. However, he got the address wrong and it got delivered to this neighbour, who called Jesse and told him about the letter. The letter reads:

"Dear Jeffrey Ringway,
On YouTube, after you kicked Jesse Rigway out of the house, Jesses Ringway was staying in your Garage. Jesses Rigway is taking a tent from the Garage and he will be camping behind Your garage. I am telling you so you can find him I saw all of things on Youtube
Jesses Rigway is still on your property."

Jesse vents about how the Anti-Juggie almost screwed him and that he's lucky it went to his neighbor who gave it to him.

The video cuts to Jesse plugging his work light and Jeffrey Jr.'s laptop into the extension cord, overjoyed that Eagle's Landing has electricity, celebrating by eating some pretzels. Jesse praises Jeffrey Jr. on his prank and thanks him for giving him the idea of using the extension cord. Jesse mentions that he hasn't heard from Theresa inviting him in for Easter.

Jesse mentions that he wants some gaming equipment, since he has two outlets open, able to plug in an Xbox and TV. Jesse says that he is very bored, having very little to do.



The events of Donnie Darko Easter Bunny Prank are mentioned.

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