Post Date March 22, 2015
Duration 16:54
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"Jesse reveals all in this first edition of a "Question and Answer" Series. The true nature of the "Psycho Series" is revealed on top of some general things about Jesse and his family."

ARE THE PSYCHO VIDEOS REAL? | QnA #1 is the first episode of the QnA series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on March 22, 2015.

Questions and Answers

Are the psycho videos real? Are the psycho videos fake?

"The videos are real. This is not ever been a question, for those of you guys who watch my other content, you guys watch my vlogs, you guys know the in-betweens and follow me Twitter, tune into the stream, it's no doubt that these videos are real."
―Jesse Ridgway

Have things always been this bad?

"No, actually. For a period of time, especially when I was in school, my family would actually help out with videos. If you go further bad in my channel, you can see my dad, my mom, my brother actually playing characters in certain skits and videos. However, it wasn't until I graduated from college where the pressure became more intense and I still can't find a new job and just haven't really been looking 'cause I love YouTube. YouTube is my job, and it's just been more complicated since that time because my dad keeps saying "You gotta get a job," he doesn't understand the YouTube / Twitch business. But yes, it wasn't always like this. We once all got along."
―Jesse Ridgway

How old are you?

"I am 22 years old."
―Jesse Ridgway

Where do you live?

"I live in southern New Jersey, and that's like, the deep south. Like, we got cows, explains my obsession, we got fields, open spaces. There's nothing going on here, hence why I don't have a job. There's nothing! And no, we don't like by the coast where we got those stereotypical Jersey shore fist bumpers. That show killed New Jersey!"
―Jesse Ridgway

Do you go to college?

"I did graduate college, I'm out of school. I went to Rowan University and got my degree in radio, TV and film, which is a complete joke."
―Jesse Ridgway

Do you gel your hair?

"Yes, I do put gel in my hair."
―Jesse Ridgway

Height & weight?

"I am 5"5 and a half, almost a bonified midget and I was 138 lbs. So I'm a scrawny little punk."
―Jesse Ridgway

What camera do you use? / What editing program?

"I primarily film these days with a Canon EOS70D and I'll do almost all of my editing on Final Cut Pro."
―Jesse Ridgway

Where did "McJuggerNuggets" come from?

"Well, if you guys wanna know the story behind that, I actually made a video about it and that's called THE ORIGIN OF MCJUGGERNUGGETS, watch that here."
―Jesse Ridgway

Do you have a GF? Are you a virgin? (heh)

"I do somehow have a girlfriend and yes, I am not a virgin."
―Jesse Ridgway

What do your parents do for a living?

"My mom works at canvas shop and my dad is a landscaper. My brother is actually an accountant, and that's why doesn't get as much shit in the videos."
―Jesse Ridgway

Why does so much shit happen to you?

"A lot of these videos happen because my dad doesn't approve of my gaming. He doesn't understand YouTube. He also has some anger issues, so does my brother, and he just loves instigating, I'm talking about my brother here, and he's always got a camera on. He once shared a passion to do YouTube, he used to have a channel, doesn't anymore. And no, Jeffrey does not have any social media accounts."
―Jesse Ridgway

Who do you hate more: Bro or Pops?

"I have to go with my father, cause he's destroyed my possessions, and honestly, he's more irrational. Granted, I still love him, but his methods are....they're just....fucking psychotic."
―Jesse Ridgway

Are you going to move out? WHEN?

"I would love to move out of my house! I just don't have the money for it. You see, I went to college, I had to take out loans, I owe, like, $70,000 and you're hit with that months after you graduate. So, I have to pay that back, on top of buying back possessions that my father breaks and YouTube does not pay the best. Neither does Twitch. On top of just living expenses, it is very pricey. Honestly though, when will it happen? If I can keep up saving, I will have enough money to move out of this house by early 2016."
―Jesse Ridgway

Does gaming affect your social representation? Why or why not?

"I love this question because every gamer gets a bad rep. It's true. I mean, us gamers look up to other gamers, but those who are not gamers think gamers are fricking losers. I mean, you can already tell my family has a very negative idea of me, just because I'm a gamer. They think I'm just a slob who just sits in my room and plays video games, which is half true, but I'm also very productive, making videos, interacting with people in the stream and it is work if you make it so. Not only that, but I find time to exercise, hang out with my friends, other things besides gaming. And honestly, a lot of successful pretty cool people play video games. So yes, it is a shame that gamers get such a bed rep and it's just looked down upon, but honestly, as time has gone on, gaming has become more and more accepted and I'm excited to see where it looks- what it looks like in, say, ten years to come."
―Jesse Ridgway

Who is your favourite YouTuber?

"Honestly, I look up to a lot of YouTubers. My ultimate favorite though, and I always say this in the stream, is Therackaracka."
―Jesse Ridgway

How did you get so big??? ;P

"In the grand scheme of YouTube, I'm not that big. I'm definitely working my way up the ladder, so to speak, but honestly, I owe it all to my shitty home life and it comes to also how I perceive things and just how I handle things. I am dealing with a shitty home situation, but I've managed to make the best of it. It's taking advantage of shit that comes your way, turning that shit into lemonade."
―Jesse Ridgway

Do you have mental issues?

"Honestly, I have a therapist and I think everyone should have one. They're just nice to talk to when you're going through stuff. And I do take some medication, mainly for depression, because I do deal with bipolar effective disorder. I just have bipolar tendencies growing up. Sometimes, I do lash out and sometimes I may seem like two different people. That's just something I have to deal with and I don't think it's that much of a limitation."
―Jesse Ridgway

What would you be doing if you weren't doing YouTube?

"That's a hard question to answer because YouTube saved my life. Um....I'd definitely still be on Twitch, assuming that's a thing, and I feel like I'd be trying to go pro at video games. It's absurd, but I feel like I'd be trying it. If not, because there's no jobs around here, either I'd try to find a job in Philly, which isn't too far away, I'd go to New York, or be crazy enough to just go out to LA and press my luck."
―Jesse Ridgway

Have you ever considered quitting YouTube?

"No, I never, I've never thought about quitting, but I will say things have gotten difficult. You know, you do receive a lot of hate, there is a lot of pressure on you because there's a lot people wanting to get into contact with you, um, just asking for things that you're just not able to give them what they want. It's just hard to please everybody and there's a lot of pressure, a lot of pressure from my family, and there's a lot of people who just don't understand what it is to be a YouTuber."
―Jesse Ridgway

How many dogs? Names?

"I have three labs. One is a yellow lab named Ella, or Boobs, another one is a yellow lab, technically it looks brown or chocolate, it's always funny how they called it chocolate lab, his name is John Locke, named after the Lost character, and he is also known as Poopyjohn. Then we just recently got a third one which is actually Poopyjohn's daughter, her name is Luna, but I also call her Black Boobs sometimes."
―Jesse Ridgway

Who is your inspiration?

"Honestly, I don't really have one. Nobody in my life wants to do what I do or is pursuing it in any way, shape or form, and I'm trying to make my own way and my only inspiration would be others who have done YouTube and have tried to make something from it."
―Jesse Ridgway

Do you exercise and what is your diet?

"Yes, I exercise. I've done the insanity program, which is fourteen to sixteen minutes every single day, given one rest day and it's just high impact interval training. Super intense.
Meanwhile, my diet consists of I'll have a yogurt, oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast.
Then, when lunchtime rolls around, I'll have grilled chicken salad. Occasionally, I'll just have grilled chicken, broccoli, rice and beans.
And then for dinner, I'll usually have a steak, mmmmm, some sliced up avocado and some asparagus.
As a snack, I'll be munching on some almonds, maybe a grapefruit here and there, and popcorn. Very occasionally now. I'll even be wild enough to scoop almond butter out of the jar."
―Jesse Ridgway

What is your favorite game and gaming console?

"My favorite game is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo. The game is phenomenal.
My favorite multiplayer game of all time is will have to be Halo 2, because I met a lot of my best friends, friends that I am still friends with today though that game. I also was extremely devoted to that shit, and that was like my first online multiplayer experience and I played it for years. So I had a lot of nostalgia and good memories with that.
As far as favorite consoles go, it's a three way tie because Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and the Xbox 360. Reasoning behind that, Super Nintendo, that is how I started and my favorite game, clearly, is for it and there's just a lot of classics for it. Nintendo 64, that just blew my mind with Super Mario 64, Golden Eye, Diddy Kong Racing, you name a game, there's just so many good games, Mario Party started there, and then Mario Kart was fun, that didn't start there but awesomeness. And then Xbox 360, it just had an amazing lifespan, there were just a vast number of titles and I loved, I still think the Xbox 360 controller is the apiname of perfection when it comes to button layout, sticks and just general size."
―Jesse Ridgway

What's the worst thing your father has destroyed?

"I'm torn because when he destroyed my car, my Mitibishi Montero was the most expensive thing and most inconvenient thing I've ever lost and I felt it was just so irrational.
But that's tied with, he just recently destroyed my YouTube Play Button, which was a priceless, priceless award that I received for years of hard work on this platform. I lost it for very stupid reasons."
―Jesse Ridgway

Can you prove [the Psycho Videos] are real?

"Normally, in any given situation, if somebody says or does something unbelievable, you do want proof. Pics or it didn't happen, so you can know for sure.
Well, guess what guys? I have pictures if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I will post pictures of things happening to me, things that have been destroyed. You can't really fake destruction.
Also, the videos themselves are the proof, how can you prove these videos are real? What else can you do? The videos are the ironic proof. The only thing that would prove they are real is if you watched it live. But then, who's to say that that's real or not?
I will say, it you watch us, of these things that happen in real life, you would feel the reality of it. You would feel sick to your stomach. My mother and I, we've been driven to tears from these situations. You can definitely feel an awkward, uncomfortable, discomfort in this stuff."
―Jesse Ridgway




  • According to Jesse, Jeffrey Jr. used to have a YouTube channel prior to the BigBrudda channel.