15 - Unscrambled
Post Date June 23, 2016
Duration 3:50
Genre C-R-I-S-I-S
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"I need to figure this out."

15 - Unscrambled is the fifteenth episode of the C-R-I-S-I-S series, uploaded onto the McJuggerNuggets YouTube channel on June 23, 2016.


The video starts off with Jesse, trying to figure out who he is, exactly. Jeffrey Sr. then assures him that he will eventually figure it out, with the help of his family. Before he leaves, Jeffrey Sr. gives him the last letter "I" and wishes him the best of luck, giving him a hug.

Afterwards, both Jesse and Jeffrey Jr. decide to hitch a ride in the station. Once they are in, Jesse continues to figure out how all of this makes sense, while Jeffrey Jr. assures him that it's suppose to. He then tells Jesse that he needs to say goodbye to "his character and series", and reminds him that he has all the letters now. Jesse agrees that he must move on and decides to figure out the puzzle.

Jesse gets different results such as "DANGER", but in the end, the results were not correct. There was no "E" to unscramble with. Jesse asks Jeffrey Jr. to assist him, however, Jeffrey Jr. refuses, claiming that this is something that he must figure out on his own. Despite this, he does give out a clue that the letters are supposed to spell out something he is already aware of, it is only a matter of him remembering.

In the end, Jesse's last results were "CRING NOG WHAT V DO IT", with Jeffrey Jr. (sarcastically) congratulating him, saying that he got the correct answer and discovered who he is. He then continues to mock him, saying that he is not very good at Scrabble and not good with words, much to Jesse's annoyance.


Letters So Far Found

(By order of appearance)

  • O-A-T-N-C-D-O-G-W-V-N-R-N-T-I-I



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